Best Electric Vehicle of 2025 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The 2025 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio’s return has been rocky, but the company is gaining confidence as the Tonale begins to perform well. The brand declared 2022 to be a “very positive” year, revealing that registrations increased by 22% in Europe. Alfa Romeo’s sustained growth was demonstrated by the increase in demand in France, Germany, and Italy, as well as in Austria, Spain, Greece, and Portugal.

Best Electric Vehicle of 2025: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The Tonale, which the company claims initiated their “transition and denotes the breakthrough in the ‘from zero to zero’ method which might direct Alfa Romeo to be the quickest company in the global car landscape in the shift from zero-powered vehicles to an entire zero-emission range in 2027,” is credited with a significant portion of their success.

2025 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Design

An additional surprise from Alfa may be a genuine electric sports car that is designed in a manner that is consistent with the Italian brand’s aesthetic. Imparato exclaimed, “We are developing an item that we can display in our museum alongside the 8C and be proud of as a component of Alfa Romeo’s history.” The Alfa CEO maintains that this is not definitive; however, the car’s design is presently being showcased to consumers, and deposits have been received for all potential construction positions. The decision regarding the creation of that specific Alfa will be made in April.

2025 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Engine

According to Autocar, the next-generation Giulia is anticipated to be Alfa Romeo’s inaugural electric vehicle, with a release date of approximately 2025. The Veloce’s horsepower should exceed 790 hp (589 kW / 801 PS), while the entry model should have approximately 345 horsepower (257 kW / 350 PS). The forthcoming Giulia Quadrifolio will be powered by approximately 986 horsepower (736 kW / 1,000 PS), as per CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato.

2025 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Engine

That is an immense volume, and Imparato posited that the vehicle may have a WLTP range of up to 435 miles (700 km). He then asserted that the new vehicle would resemble “the Alfa Romeo that we all desire.”

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Charging

The new Giulia EV (and crossover) will be built on the Stellantis Group STLA large platform, which has a range of approximately 500 miles and utilizes an 800V system for rapid charging. Imparato declared, “I am not interested in causing you any inconvenience as a result of the transition to electric vehicles.” The issue for me is not whether or not to transition to electric vehicles, but rather how to accomplish the necessary agility and control. Alfa will introduce a larger electric vehicle (EV) following the release of the Giulia EV and crossover in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Release Date 2025

Alfa’s CEO announced that a sub-compact crossover, rumored to be named the Brennero, will be introduced in 2017 with both electrical and hybrid drivetrains, in addition to the Giulia. In 2025 and 2026, additional electrified vehicles will be introduced. It is uncertain which model will be the first to be electrified, as the next Stelvio will be electrified in addition to the Giulia.

In other news, Imparato announced that the brand’s forthcoming supercar is nearly sold out. Expected to be introduced this summer, the model is tentatively referred to as the 6C. Imparato also stated that the brand’s future hyper is nearly sold out. It is anticipated that the 6C model, which has been provisionally named, will be released during the summer.